The top four ways conference calls can benefit businesses


Conference calling can have a positive effect on an organization’s communication processes. Large companies with two or more locations can especially get a lot out of this communication tool. Here are four ways conference calls can benefit businesses:

1) Reduces Travel Expenses

When employees are scattered throughout different parts of the country, they can exchange ideas with their co-workers through conference calling. Since the staff members do not have to be in the same location, a business can save a significant amount of money on travel costs.

2) Solves Problems Quickly

Since conference calling enables fast brainstorming, problems can get solved quickly. For example, if a salesperson is having difficulty closing a deal with a client, he or she can quickly put co-workers on the line and ask them for advice.

3) Simple to Use

With the advances in VoIP technology, conference calling is simpler than ever to use. In just a couple of minutes, employees can get the conference call up and running and start communicating with their co-workers.

4) More Personal

A conference call is much more personal than an email or instant message, which is beneficial for employees who work from home often. Remote workers will feel more involved in an organization if they can communicate with their co-workers through a conference call. This can increase morale and even make an employee more productive because he or she will feel like a true part of the business.

How to Best Secure Conference Calls

Conference calls offer businesses numerous advantages, but it is vital for employers to be on the lookout for security risks. Due to limited visibility, companies don’t really know who is listening in on the call.

One of the biggest risk factors for conference call security is high employee turnover. When employees leave a company, they may still know details about conference calls they participated in in the past. If a former employee starts working for a competitor, he or she can listen to the conference calls to gain customer information. It is very important for a company to change access codes for conference calls frequently.

Employers should also keep an eye on employees who eavesdrop. The VoIP system should be protected against playback and unauthorized recording with 128-bit media encryption.

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